An Illustrated A to Z of Digital Photography


HTH I walked into the library, and there it was, propped up on the entry-way table.

Synopsis It’s an illustrated book covering the A to Zs of digital photography

Thoughts I’m dubious of the proposition of a book not only ordering the terms by alphabetical order, but also mixing topics. We’re left to read about, for example, “Auto Modes”, then “Background Choice”, then “Backup Devices”. Surely it would make more sense to group items together by, say, camera terms, composition tips, and tools of the trade?

Thus I’m not clear about the audience for this book. A beginner would be better served by reading about camera basics. An intermediate — well, I don’t know what they’d do with this. I’m a beginner, and I don’t think this is helpful.

Reading black against a dark grey/blue isn’t ideal, either.

Some nice photos, though.