ANNOUNCEMENT: TBD’s name has been D’d

After much consideration, several shots of vodka, and a flash of insight provided by a friend, I have decided that TBD will henceforth be known as WTF.

I deemed this particularly appropriate when he started gnawing at a charcoal filter.

Thank you.

**What does WTF stand for?
** “Well! That’s Fine.” Please note that heavy slathering of sarcasm.

**Really? I thought it stood for “Wha–”
** No.

**Oh, you’ve got to be kidding. Right?
** That would be rude and inappropriate. What are you saying about me?

What’s motivating this change?
Tired of people asking me, Are you really going to keep him named TBD?
Also, he seems to respond to WTF 50% of the time, in contrast to a 0% response rate for TBD.
In other words, this name is infinitely better.

Have you considered how vets will feel about this? or the receptionists?
Yes. Yes.

**How do you pronounce this?
** Wuh-Tuh-Fuh

**Hm. Wouldn’t it be easier to call him “Wha–”
** No.

**I thought TBD was a cute name.
** So did I. But then he ate my zucchini bread.