Are we there yet?

Shipping is a feature.

Real artists ship.

So here I am developing my crappy app. I have something working. It solves a problem. It’s ugly, but hey, it works. 

Should I clean up the visual design and and post it on the Store?

Do I have any customers? Yes! Oh, really? Yes! Who? Me!

Except I already have access to the app. So putting it on the Store doesn’t actually help me.

Well, there are already other time boxing / Pomodoro apps out there, and they mostly suck, right? Surely there are other people who’d love to have a good app.

Except I’m not sure the app’s really telling my story, yet. The funny thing about setting myself up for quick wins – and having an app I can use, however badly – is that I started coming up with more ideas to fill out the app.

But dude, I want to ship. 

Dude, I want some of these features. They’ll make more of an impact if you ship it all together, rather than try to dribble it out. The story you’re trying to tell will be clear. 

But what if I’m building the wrong product for my customers?

Well, it’s a good thing I’m my customer. This app is intended to help me work around my quirks and follies. If it happens to be useful to other people, that’ll be great. And that’ll be gravy.