Pixar Short Films Collection Vol 1


HTH Preview trailer for Ratatouille, if I recall.

Synopsis A collection of Pixar’s short films from over the years. Presumably there will be a sequel; hence, volume 1.

Thoughts On its own, a Pixar short is typically a burst of joy. But taking all thirteen or so at once is leadening.

Still: it was lovely to revisit classics such as “Geri’s Game” and “For the Birds”, if classic is not too premature to apply to such films. (They do date to the last millennium.) And I can’t help but wonder if the ass-wiggle I perform before starting something was a tic I picked up from “Luxo, Jr”. “Lifted”: hilarious, awesome.

The rest demonstrated that as the visuals became more and more impressive, the credits became longer and longer. They’re a mixed bag: “Mater and the Ghostlight” was my least favourite, possibly because the story was clichéd from start to finish. Perhaps this is not a fair criticism; “One Man Band” and the others suffer from predictable stories; but they also offered something else in their treatments to make them appealing — humour, visuals.

(I cheated: this wasn’t due for three weeks, yet I watched it as soon as I got it.)