Robin Williams’ DVD Design Workshop


HTH Good question. I don’t traffic in DVDs, illicit or otherwise. I think I was looking for Robin Williams’ Design Workshop, and got confused. (I probably looked for RWDW because I’d read one of her other books on type.)

Synopis Presumably, a book on designing DVDs.

Thoughts Uh… if I were to ever need to author a DVD or DVD menus, I am certain that this is the book I was would turn to for guidance. As it stands, the last time I authored a DVD was when my house was broken into in 2003,  the burglars (or were they robbers? I forget the semantics) stripped my house clean, and I needed to show the damage to the insurance company.

I don’t think they would’ve cared much about the production values.

Flipping through the pages, I saw a lot of pictures — presumably, the intentions of these pictures is to illustrate the principles she discusses. I stand behind such techniques. Thumbs up. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to understand what the principles are.

The book also comes with a DVD-ROM. My fingers did not detect any porn, which is predictable if disappointing.