The Office, Seasons One and Two

HTH No idea. I’d seen the Office PSAs, of course, and I suppose I thought that a sitcom might do me some good. I guess I’d read that while season One was ok, it started to pick up steam in Season Two.

Synopsis A mockumentary that centers around the happenings of a branch office in what appears to be a small town.

Thoughts I watched two episodes off of Season One, found it too hard to laugh or care, and chucked it aside. I watched six episodes of Season Two, and I enjoyed the Office Olympics and the Dundies.

I had to return the DVDs to the library today, and I did not feel any compulsion to skip work or stay up late to watch some more episodes, as I did with, lessee, Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps it speaks to my mood or impatience — the Amazon reviews are quite stellar, so perhaps I’ll give the second season another shot.

I think I have the third season in my queue as well.